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Wonder Gel (lavender lavender)

Wonder Gel (lavender lavender)

Put a light touch before you put your best perfume - fragrance Vttil age and protect your skin from drying out

Use gel on your body after a bath full of you get a skin soft and nice and learning that this is the secret of the beauty of the skin of Hollywood starlets.

It leaves your lips and makes them special luster is always shining.

Put the lashes before going to sleep to prevent softening and bombed. Makeup remover especially sensitive area around the eye to help clean them smoothly and quickly.

Put on your feet is working to soften and lubricate dry heels and regions in the foot.

To lubricate and soften the hands.

Use after hair removal prevents inflammation and irritation of the skin.

The face is clean and smooth and efficient, massaging your face and then the occasional steam bath for two minutes and then national clean your face and You will get a clean skin in minutes.

To protect your child from colds - and then licked his body after taking a bath and the end of his skin becomes smooth and soft.

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