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Rose water Moroccan - Dry Skin

Rose water Moroccan - Dry Skin

Rose water Moroccan
It rose water VIP
Rose water for your beauty and your health
Young skin supple radiant beauty doctors advised
Using rose water a day
To lighten skin color and filtered and protect them from harm sunlight
Rose water is getting smaller pores of the skin pure and beautiful and supple
Very useful to prevent itching and dark circles
To get rid of eye puffiness, dark circles Use compresses
To get rid of acne adding a tablespoon of lemon juice, rose water
To get rid of freckles Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with rose water
Put rose water with starch Kkhalth after removing the hair gives smoothness and prevents skin allergies

use for the face
Squirt face with rose water and then leave for two minutes, then wipe with a cotton

How to use the body
Squirt rose water on the body, then the body massaged by hand

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