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 It Helps to dissolve Fats accumulated on the body cream is a natural safety , Abstract of the summary of pineapple, natural herbs, And remove the fat on the abdomen, buttocks,waist and hip, And all areas of the body It also features remove the body after cracks ..
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فواحة تعطير وترطيب صغيرة متنقلة للمنزل والسيارةالمواصفات والمزايا:صغيرة و خفيفهقابله لإعادة الشحنكيبل الشحن متوفراللون أبيض..
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​​Effective in removing feet and heels fissuresSoftening and smoothening, and removes bad odorsIt activates the blood circulation in the feetUseg : the  cream is applied to the area from the evening till the morningIt is preferable to wear a socket after applying the cream..
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