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  It Helps to dissolve Fats accumulated on the body cream is a natural  safety , Abstract of the summary of pineapple, natural herbs , And remove the fat on the abdomen, buttocks, waist and hip, And all areas of the body  It also features remove the body after cracks ..
60 ر.س
​​Effective in removing feet and heels fissuresSoftening and smoothening, and removes bad odorsIt activates the blood circulation in the feetUseg : the  cream is applied to the area from the evening till the morningIt is preferable to wear a socket after applying the cream..
20 ر.س
Whitens body and face skin. Eliminates dark circles, blemishes, melasma, and freckles. Smoothens and clears complexion, adding vitality and brightness. Regenerates and rejuvenates sluggish skin. Adds radiance to dull skin. Lightens dark areas. Maintains a uniform complexion. Decreases wrinkle..
100 ر.س
For Facial and Body use, it has a skin whitening effect . Removes balck spots and lightens dark areas . Gives a remarkably clear skin . Gives healthy face and complexion . Smoothes wrinkles . Has a lifting effect . Cleanses pores especially those in the nose area . Softens and smoothes comple..
100 ر.س
Skin impressive witchIt helps to lighten the skin and dark circlesBlack. It opens the skin cells. GiveFacial freshness and vitality. And get rid of the effects ofGrains and dark areas of the ..
60 ر.س
The composition of the developer ginger   It is used for slimming the buttocks and thighs and remove cellulite.   The cut and melt the grease topically once the drink of the skin cream.   It works to remove excess slack quite safely and effectively.   Natu..
60 ر.س
هل تعلمي أن الملكة كليوباترا كانت تضع قناعا من الذهب الخالص على بشرتها قبل النوم كل ليلة وتتركه على وجهـهـا حتى الصبــاح للحفـاظ على شباب بشرتها ظل استخدام قناع رقائق الذهب منحصرا بملكات الحضارة الفرعونية القديمة، إلا أنه طور حديثا من قبل شركات يابانية على هيئة رقائق  من الذهــــــــب عيا..
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